#8 Greg Fleet - Fringe World, Perth


Hello! We’re still here. Alexis catches up with Australian comedy hero Greg Fleet at the Fringe World Festival in Perth. Expect tales of death threats, mining towns and crossbows from the one-time self-proclaimed Sherriff of Adelaide.

We WILL be getting more regular this year, honest!
If you have any feedback or requests for acts you'd like to hear interviewed, let us know: comedyculdesac@gmail.com


#7 David Quirk - Melbourne Comedy Festival


Yes, it’s that time of the decade again. The far-from-regular podcast returns, with Alexis chatting to David Quirk during Melbourne Comedy Festival about towels, hitting rock-bottom, corporate gig hell and strange noises from the back of the room.


#6 - Eddie Pepitone


Eddie Pepitone shares some tales of comedic woe, including a baying Late & Live mob at Edinburgh Fringe, heckling himself, when hecklers get punched and his Twitter henchman. Interviewed by Alexis Dubus. Paul Sweeney has an absent note.

www.eddiepepitone.com www.alexisdubus.com


#5 - New Zealand Comedy Convoy Special


Alexis takes time out of the New Zealand Comedy Convoy Tour to reminisce on dreadful gigs with Gordon Southern (UK), Jeremy Corbett (NZ), Simon McKinney (NZ) and Urzila Carlson (SA). Paul Sweeney is 10,000 miles away. Recorded May 2012.


#4 - Steve Hall


One third of We Are Klang, half-Catholic and half-Jew, Steve Hall regales us with stories of midget hecklers, crowdsurfing horses and puking on a fellow comic's head on stage.

Alexis shares his chat show nightmare, dealing with a masturbating Darwinian transvestite, and Paul gets fingered in Leicester.

Recorded April 2012.


#3 - Sam Simmons & Hannah Gadsby


Top Aussie imports Sam Simmons and Hannah Gadsby join Paul and Alexis, to reveal how they're adjusting to British crowds, including Sam's unexpected visit by 66 dentists and Hannah's adventures in rural England. As a footnote, that year in Adelaide Sam had called up a local radio show under an alias to complain that Sam Simmons had touched him inappropriately during his stage show.

Recorded December 2012.




#2 - Paul Provenza


Alexis and Paul talk to the American guru, host of The Green Room and co-creator of Set List.


#1 - Silky


Alexis and Paul discuss comedy deaths up and down the land with the Scouse minstrel.
Recorded December 2011.